Jacqueline Dunn
Jacqueline Dunn Artist


Former Friends School , also I lived on the North shore and West Vancouver before making my way to TX . I enjoy your work and the love of the forests, It is an inspiring place to have lived and worked . It was lovely to see your incredible work
Annita Shamsid-Deen (Black) - 5 Sep 2021
Hello my long lost friend! Well not really lost, I have sorted followed your art career> HOpe you are well. Love your work. Remember when we ran together? Packed each other's lunches???? Some of my best memories...
Sylvia Bishop - 3 Aug 2021
Jacqueline I love the way you capture greys and warm tones in your woodland lights. Don’t change. They are beautiful. Truly you have an eye for colour a gift from the universe.
Judith Madsen - 27 Jul 2021
Hi my name is Derek Bailey, I grew up in Tsawwassen and have been living back raising my kids here for the past 15 years. I went to Cliff Drive Elementary School back in the 70’s. Not sure, but I think you were my grade 6 teacher. Some of my class mates were Hailey Floyd, Craig Arnatt and Kelly Carmichael. Are these names that are familiar to you or have I contacted the wrong person? If not, sorry for the intrusion. If it is you.....thank you for the wonderful memories of that year, you were one of my favourite teachers of all times. I also think my sister Trish Forrester knows you as well. Hope all is well with you. Best regards Derek
Derek Bailey - 20 Jul 2020
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